The Future Workforce

The 2017 study on the changing dynamics of the workforce
and how technology and globalization are having its impact.

The workforce is changing.

In the US alone, more than 55 million people are doing some kind of freelance work. This is not just driven by economic changes, but also by a changing mindset, a more global economy and a rise in technology products that enable people to work from anywhere, for anyone. This survey is initiated to explore these changes in more depth and collect personal experiences from a variety of workers. The results and learnings will be analyzed and shared for free with the public.

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The Contents

The Current State
Millions of people make the move to independent or remote work each year. How do things look in 2017?

The Reasons
A look into why people choose to be independent and why some are not.

Are modern careers more or less stable? We're taking a look into what makes a stable career in the future.

The Hurdles
How do people feel about managing their careers and businesses?

The impact technology has on breaking down borders and establishing global teams.

Future Outlook
How do people see their careers and profession evolve?