The Freelance Contract

We’ve partnered with the Freelancers Union to create an advanced contract that builds secure, mutual, fair relationships. And yeah, we also built a bunch of smart technology around it.

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the standard service agreement

The standard service agreement

Our contract is vetted by the Freelancers Union and automatically complies with the Freelance Isn’t Free Act.

smart alerts

Smart Alerts

Get alerts when the contract is viewed, signed and when the project starts. Never miss anything.

e-signing included

E-signing included

You and your clients can sign contracts online. Finally no print, scan, send anymore!

automatically generate invoices

Automatically generate invoices

AND CO generates invoices automatically based on your contract terms. Just click and approve.

simple customization

Simple customization

Simply turn clauses on and off, attach further notes and more.

self-destruction option

Self-Destruction Option

Contract is not signed in time? Let it self-destruct.

a common standard

Fair and secure work relationships need a contract. Not having one is dangerous for both parties and can lead to misunderstandings, false expectations and ultimately lost time and money.

But starting new work by discussing worst case scenarios can be a tough way to kick things off. That’s why a standard is needed.

AND CO and The Freelancers Union have created a standardized service agreement to help strong, fair work relationships get off the ground quickly.

eliminating the
back and forth

Using a standardized contract vetted by a third party eliminates back and forth, establishes trust, and speeds up the signing process.

Starting a secure work relationship becomes faster and simpler.

Compliant with the
Freelance Isn't Free Act

The Freelancers Union helped establish The Freelance Isn’t Free Act in New York City, a law that helps freelancers have more secure work relationships.

The Freelance Contract takes the law into account and directly applies its principles.

fair for both sides

Portfolio Rights Represented Have the option to enable portfolio rights, so you’re legally allowed to show freelance work in your portfolio.

Option To Charge Cancelation Fee Have the option to charge a fee if payment is late.

Work For Hire or Custom License Work for hire, or simply transfer to a custom license.

Transparent Scope Structure Have a quick, easy to understand overview of the scope of the project.

IP Handled Properly Have confidence that all work is your IP after final payment.

Includes Non-Disclosure And More Customizable options allow you to tailor our standard to your needs.

supercharged with technology

customizable contract Edit and extend the contract to your needs. Turn clauses on/off and more.

integrated e-Signing Built into a smart workflow that includes e-signatures and more.

smart alerts Get alerts if contracts are not signed in time, when projects start and much more.

Perfect for Self-Employed & Small Biz:






content creators

the contract evolves
with your experiences

This is a living document that evolves with the feedback from the community. If you’re missing something in the contract or have ideas for adjustments, you can submit your contributions.

All input is taken into consideration for the upcoming versions of the contract.

Contribute to the contract

create contract

Creating a new service agreement is super easy and takes only a couple of minutes.

create contract

Co-created by:


AND CO is all you need to run your business.

Invoicing & Payments

Invoicing & Payments

Create custom invoices, accept payments online and receive alerts when they’re viewed and paid.

Proposals & Contracts

Proposals & Contracts

Win more business with beautiful, customized proposals. Make sure you get paid with bulletproof contracts.

Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking

Track expenses, get reports and bill them to your clients. Snap receipts, forward them via email or connect your bank.



Automatically charge your clients on a recurring basis. No invoice necessary.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Track and invoice your time easily. Our apps make it easy to track and get paid.



Be prepared for tax time and know your business in and out. Get reports on expenses, income, time and more.

Smart, connected workflow

In AND CO, every feature talks to the next. Saving you time and money.

Send Proposal
Create Project
Manage Tasks
Send Invoice
Get Paid

Save More Time, Make More Money

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Join over 190,000 businesses
FREE IPHONE APP free iphone app FREE ANDROID APP free android app