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Learn from top professionals who share their exact formulas for success in starting, growing, and maintaining a 6 figure freelance career.



Get equipped with the right contracts, strategies, and frameworks available to set you up for growth.



Learn how to find, pitch, and close on bigger clients who are looking for your services.



Understand how to get off the income rollercoaster and on track to financial stability.

Brennan Dunn


How to charge 10 times more than your competition: "I realized that clients weren't paying me for design; they weren't paying me for code. They were paying for an outcome. They were paying for a better business than they had today. (...) So, the big thing that set my agency apart early on was this transition away from just being a technical provider to actually being a solution company." - Don't commoditize your services. Understand the ROI you're creating for your clients.

What you’ll learn

episode 1
Brennan Dunn, Double Your Freelancing

Brennan Dunn is the founder of Double Your Freelancing and helps teach over 40,000 freelancers and agencies how to earn more money and work with better clients. He's also the co-founder of Right Message, a software company that brings onsite personalization to the masses.

episode 2
Caitlin Pearce, Freelancer's Union

Freelancers are typically losing $6,000 annually due to non-payment. In this episode, Caitlin Pearce, Executive Director at Freelancers Union, talks about what you can do to avoid this scenario, how to protect yourself and your income, and how you can earn more by presenting a professional image of your company.

episode 3
Oliver Ginsburg, AND CO

Oliver Ginsburg is an award-winning customer service and operations expert and currently Head of Support at AND CO from Fiverr where Oliver drives Support Operations, Business Development and Culture. You could call Oliver a true "customer support" nerd. His work has been acknowledged by Forbes, Fortune and INC.

episode 4
Jeremy Noronha, Foundr Magazine

Jeremy Noronha is an SEO consultant and head of SEO at Foundr. He also runs a travel blog on his website at Jeremy has driven millions of visitors and sales for his client projects while building a successful freelance business as a digital nomad.

episode 5
Mike Montague, Sandler Training

Mike Montague is a certified trainer and VP of online learning at the largest sales training organization in the world, Sandler Training. He is host of the How to Succeed podcast and creator of the social selling success course where he teaches the skills required to increase your sales pipeline well over six, seven, and even eight figures.

episode 6
Preston Lee, Millo

Preston Lee is the founder of, a leading interest blog to help designers and creatives build successful businesses that make them more money. Preston is a web designer, content marketer and entrepreneur by trade. Prior to founding Millo, Preston worked in lots of different niches in the freelance creative industry.

episode 7
Alexandra Fasulo, Fiverr

Alex Fasulo is a top-rated Fiverr Pro seller earning 6-figures at only 25 years old. She offers press releases, blogging, website copy, email copy and pretty much anything else related to writing. She found out about Fiverr at the same time that she started her first full-time job right after college. Within months Fiverr took over as her main source of income and she's accumulated thousands of positive reviews and satisfied customers.

episode 8
Ryan Robinson,

Ryan Robinson or "Ryrob" is the master of the side hustle. He's built multiple businesses, consulted companies like LinkedIn, Google for Entrepreneurs, Adobe, Forbes, and many more--- and recently scaled his side hustle to over $160,000 USD in 1 year while working a full-time job. Ryan now teaches over 120,000 bloggers, freelancers, and side hustlers how to do the same for their careers via his website,

episode 9
Kaleigh Moore, Creative Class

Kaleigh Moore is a freelance writer for SaaS and eCommerce brands. Her clients include BigCartel, Campaign Monitor, ReCharge Payments, and more. She also contributes to publications like Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company AND together with Paul Jarvis she launched Creative Class, an online course that has helped over 2,300 freelancers improve their freelance business.

episode 10
Paul Jarvis, Creative Class, Chimp Essentials

Paul Jarvis is a freelance designer, author and creator. He went from a college dropout to creating a job for himself in the 1990s that’s been more stable than any corporate career. He’s worked with some of the biggest entrepreneurs and companies in the world like Microsoft, Yahoo, Mercedes-Benz, and Warner Music. He helps thousands of freelancers improve their business with his courses "Creative Class", "Chimp Essentials", and his new book "Company of One".

episode 11
Justin Gignac, Working Not Working

Justin Gignac is the creative mind, artist, and Co-Founder of Working Not Working, an invite-only network of the busiest, most talented, and most sought after talent in the creative freelance industry. The community has now evolved into a large initiative that companies like Apple, Google, Airbnb, Kickstarter and more have discovered as a place to source creative talent from. Prior to starting Working Not Working, Justin was an award-winning Art Director and Creative Director at ad agencies around the country.

episode 12
Dane Sanders, & Author

Dane Sanders is the Founder of and host of Converge: The Business of Creativity podcast. He is a coach, consultant and keynote speaker. After growing his photography business to over 6 figures, he founded to help other freelancers. Today he serves on the board of Alpha and has published multiple books.

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How much does the course cost?

The 6 Figure Freelancer audio course is 100% free– it's a contribution to the maker community from your favorite freelance business tool, AND CO from Fiverr.

How did you select the content for this course?

Course instructors are selected by merit of their careers and experience in each of their disciplines. Whether you're taking a lesson on pitching, selling, pricing, or scaling, you can rest assured knowing that you're learning from someone who has done the very thing that's presented in the lesson.

What can I expect to learn?

Through this course, you'll learn from top professionals about what tools, resources, and frameworks are available to help you grow a stable income as a freelancer. There's no need to re-invent the wheel; our instructors walk you through proven steps to increase your revenue.

Will more units be added in the future?

The audio course is proudly presented as a standalone resource for the freelance community. However, if you'd like to see and hear more lessons and units, be sure to let us know on social media by tagging our AND CO pages. With enough enthusiasm around this project, more modules may be added in the future.

How long does it take to go through the material?

Each episode is about 12-20 minutes long. Bring the content along with you as you commute, work out, or go about your day. The audio format makes it easy to learn while you're on the go.

I know someone who you should interview. How can I make an intro?

Know a rockstar 6 figure freelancer or top professional who can help the community? Make an intro to our team by emailing us HERE. Be sure to include a quick bio and pitch so we can consider the option to highlight their knowledge on our social feeds, blog, or a future episode.

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