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AND.CO is everything I've ever wanted!! THANK YOU!!

Mike K

I'm so happy with this software you have no idea.

Gabriel C

Can I just say, I'm really loving this service.

Sean R

AND.CO is actually the best app I've stumbled upon this 2017... Great work guys.


Hello this is an AMAZING PLATFORM!!!! I just deleted my old accounting software!


AND.CO is the most useful resource I've come across since I made my career change to freelance writing.

Ki R

You guys have raised the bar. Such awesome work. πŸ‘Œ

Dustin W

I love this product

Joel W

I just discovered AND.CO the other night, and I am speechless. This is the all-in-one dashboard that freelancers have been looking for. I have used, reviewed, and studied hundreds of tools, so many of which simply complicate the day-to-day by adding more things "To do." AND.CO, however, gets at the essence of what freelancers need to run their business. If this tool had existed a decade ago when I was just getting started, even Elon would be working for me today.... This tool helps put everything in one place so that you never lose track of anything. Besides which, AND.CO's free resources are an incredible gold mine. They might as well have abducted me in my sleep and scanned my entire brain to make the perfect freelancer tool (you guys didn't, right?).

Jeremy G

Perfect for my business - simple and all in one spot.

Jacob T

I think what you guys are doing is totally great!

Lily R

You guys are killing it. I don't know how I ever lived without your product.

Lynden W

You guys are amazing and I truly appreciate all your hard work and efforts! Keep it up! :D

Sommer S

Wow, if I didn't love your company before, I do now. Thank you. I write a lot about customer service and experience and you guys are in the A+ category in my opinion. I've had superb interactions with every employee I've spoken with. Thank you for that effort.

Page G

is seriously the best customer support I've ever used. It doesn't even feel like customer support. You guys are killing it.

Jessica M

I would love to talk about you [AND.CO] to anyone who would listen

Tim L

Every day I love everything about AND.CO more and more. Talk about INCREDIBLE customer service.

Amanda L

Welcome! Thanks for being so receptive. Love this chat feature too, by the way -- really easy for reaching you all.

Hannah C

Love the new tasks feature on My Desk! Thanks for the update. By the way, just got the handwrittten note in the mail. First time ever a company did that for me. It's also nice to see a company that understands freelancers and supports us. Thank you!

Mark G

Wow questions answered well after banking hours... you guys are true MVPs.

Shomberg U

great job with the Mac app update guys!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸŽ‰ looks wonderful

Cesare G

This is how new companies can differentiate themselves: GREAT #CustomerExperience @andco doing it right

Zac H

This chat thing is really great for support. There is no other like this. Not even Wrike support which was great.


Seriously, you guys are the best *hands up in praise emoji* Keep it coming. Kudos :)


Love the conversational UI set up!

Sam R

Hi! I've been super pumped about the app, thanks to your legendary customer service and great content marketing about indie work.

Allen C

Love the app so far, makes invoicing, contracts and time tracking so much easier as a freelancer. Stress-free!

Jordan L

Yay! Super stoked about being able to accept partial payment/deposit payments!

Kaela W

Wow, you really are the best!

Page G

Trying to figure out what's one thing that makes AND.CO stand out from the rest (e.g. Freshbooks). You're more convenient money-wise and I love your built-in time tracker, also love the way you propose contracts to client that they have to sign. Love this chat.

Cesare G

Absolutely spot-on UX/UI design. Who was behind this?

Austin B

Awesome! Looking forward to this great app becoming greater~

Jane T

Hi Lydia, I received your handwritten letter a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say thanks! I really appreciated it albeit my late response! I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Mary C

I've been using AND.CO since May I believe, and I just want to say I am very happy with it - congrats.

Alan M

Thank you so much <3 You guys are amazing <3 <3 <3

Benjamin S

You guys rock *arms raised emoji* Thank you.

Mark G

Extreme respect to you and the team for building such a great and responsive company platform. Building in your customer support like this makes the decision to go with a subscription dead-easy. Considering I only came for a contract generator and am staying for a full integrated finance tracking system says good things. Thanks to all the engineers, designers, and managers hoofing it to make it as seamless as possible!

Louis R

Just started using your product and it already feels awesome! Well done!

Sebastian van B

The app is pretty easy to use. It was actually kind of a really lucky find. Your UX designer did a really great job.

Mark R

Awesome product and great people :D

Ryan C

AND.CO has made our work run so much smoother!

Abigail M

If you're a freaking need @andco_nyc . Check it out...I promise you need it for tracking finances, sending invoices, making contracts, tracking does everything, guys (and they even help you get tax readyπŸ™ŒπŸΌ)--plus their customer support SLAYS any other on the face of the planet.

Jessica M

The company [AND.CO] is also very good about responding to customer complaints and making things right with disappointed users, which I see as another sign of good customer support.

Chelsea K

I think I have a crush on AND.CO <3

Hassan M

Wow!!! Now that is what you call brilliant service!! I love it!

Matthew P

You guys love freelancing AND you're into 30 Rock? Just when I thought I couldn't like you any more. Blerg.

Heenay P

Thanks for your awesome app <3


I will say that after working in customer service for years, I am very impressed.

Chris J

You should check out their invoicing service. It's really good

Bianca S

Being able to ask you questions is one of the many reasons that I love this company!

Page G

Been quite impressed with your system. :)

Daniel B

I really appreciate all the personal attention from AND.CO! You guys are great.

Hannah C

Who writes your emails and can they be my best friend? Your Gig List emails are hilarious and I have a copy crush. ;)

JoAnna C

New Tasks feature looks awesome, guys!

Hannah C

BTW LOOOOOVE the design and the app

Andrew G

I would like to say that your platform is great! After struggling with so many out there... I realized that instead of making my life easier, I actually had to remember even more stuff and how they are organized, and where... Your platform is just great!

Alexandru G

YAY!!! You are amazing! Also, that handwritten note for upgrading was a great touch. You guys are THE BEST!

Lorelei B

I like what you guys have here. Having done freelance for about 8 years in the past and now starting again. This is one of the most helpful things.

Jake B

Beautifully designed - both brand and product. Keep it going *2 x perfect emoji, rocket*

Mischa A

Thanks Jodi! You're da bomb!

Marc A

This interface has been simple but advanced.

Corey E

Love this new feature! I looked at other project management/invoicing programs before going with AND.CO. This was the only feature that was missing! I'm so happy you guys added it on :)

Casey S

I absolutely love your service!!!

Andre L

I am LOVING AND.CO. You are making my life so much easier. I've used Wave and Quick Books and I have to say, your method is the best I've used. It's so simple and the interface is the BOMB!

Jaclyn T

I love AND.CO so much! You are making my life so organized and wonderful! xo

Shannon E

Hello! I just want to say my husband and I have started using and love it. Thank you!

Jess L

Was wanting to write a blog about how much I like this damn service. I've literally dropped having to use quickbooks completely since I got this and I'm shocked a lot of the other freelancers I know don't use this.

Gabriel C

Awesome!!!! I am loving this.

Charissa M

You're the real MVP.

Shomberg U

Excellent news! And right after I inquired about it. I really like having an operator to always talk with. Thank you.

Corey E

This is so dope. Thank you.

Michael S

Long story short... I LOVE AND.CO. Already made my life so much easier.

Tim A

I'm really digging this service, already spreading the word!

Christopher C

The contract creation was seamless and easy to complete. Digging it!

Mario R

THIS is a super useful tool. The Bot in the iPhone app and web app is pretty cool, and a great way to get everything set up.

Jonathan W

Oh my goodness you rock. Thank you!! So excited to move my processes over to AND.CO. It's exactly what I've been missing.

James R

Sweet! Like I said though, really like where things are going! Thanks again

Mark G

Perfect. Love you guys!

Mike A

You guys are making this nice and simple for us creative type folks. Much appreciated!

John D

I love your system by the way... wayyyyyy better than zoho invoice (I never said that).

Jay H

Just wanted to let you all know that I've imported all my clients, set up all my tasks, created contracts with one already approved and signed and I am loving your service. Thank you so much for being so responsive and helping me out along the way!! :D I don't know how to do your cool emojis, so pretend these are cool emojis. &*&*&* :P

Sommer S

I like AND.CO very much for its ease of use creating client contracts, which is very important for locking down clients.

Melissa C

I love your app, guys. Thank you for making life beautiful.

Abdulrahman J

I'm not sure when you guys updated your website... but man it is *gorgeous.* I love the "from proposal to payment" function. Way to go!

Bryce B

You're always killing it with your answers! Thanks! :D

Yao O

I use this service and LOVE it. The contracts are fantastic and the time-tracking is better than Harvest. Happy freelancer right here.

Taylor F

Btw, I just want to extend thanks to the AND.CO team for providing this resource, especially the contracts which are so easy to create, adjust and understand.

Omri K

I <3 you guys

Lynden W

*sun emoji* I love andco!

Al N

WHOA. This new update for AND.CO is off the hook. LOVE the new tweaks!

Noah H

I just wanted to say that as a former legal assistant turned software developer, I greatly appreciate being able to quickly slap together a contract for myself and clients. What you have here is awesome. A client of mine actually directed me here. I'm not easily impressed - but I'm happy to admit it this time, I'm impressed :)

Via Chat

Hi! I just wanted to say I really like the new desk dashboard style.

Nage D

I am loving this. Thanks!

Jesse B

I'm really beginning to love this platform! It's a gift that keeps on giving!

David P

I'm amazed that on the *free* AND.CO plan, I get such personalized and accessible help! #freelanceislife #remotework. Rather than having to submit a support ticket/email, AND.CO has a live chat/Chief Operator right inside the web app. That's my kind of CX.

Laura W

I've been away on a mini vacation and just came back to see your latest updates and improvements! You guys ROCK and KEEP IT UP!! Super appreciate all the thought and time poured into your product and services and for being so responsive to your customers! BUH-BAM!! :D :D

Sommer S

Let the programmers know great job push button walkthrough is on point. I see good things coming from this app. Thx.

Gabriel H

Gotta say diggin the interactivity and friendliness here, too :D Have never come across that before. People tend to half-ass it with the little chat boxes in the bottom corner of their website (e.g. zendesk), but you guys take it incredibly above and beyond. Well done.

Andrew R

So happy to discover AND.CO this week. I feel like I have super powers now. #readytogrow #freelancer

Brent S

Gotta say diggin the interactivity and friendliness here, too :D Have never come across that before. People tend to half-ass it with the little chat boxes in the bottom corner of their website (e.g. zendesk), but you guys take it incredibly above and beyond. Well done.

Andrew R

You guys rock, looking forward to your success.

Chris W

The invoices look a lot better now and even clients are like, "wow this looks really professional"

Gabriel C

i am in love with this app .... life saver

Andrew R

Thanks for the help at such a late hour! (at least where I am) After trying out a lot of other apps, this looks like the best one by far. Thanks again for all the help.

Jason G

May I say what a pleasure this interface is, both on the mobile and the web app.

Robin M

I'm so happy with this service! It's been a great experience. This is my first time doing freelance work and it's been hassle-free so far!

Esmeralda A

Just discovered you today, AND.CO looks beautiful <3

Kshitij C

Great new features! Thanks :)

Al N

BuhBAM! You guys so totally ROCK!! : Thank you for the speedy update and all the hardwork!!

Al N

Aahhh thank you this is just what I have been needing!

Ellen C

Just wanted to say thanks for being on top of all these things! And thanks to the engineers and product team behind the scenes too.

Yang H

I'm really digging up the platform, and I'm really liking it. It is already making my day easy. :)

Benjie W

Your stuff is pretty bomb.

Lisa S

All feedback is positive. What a great decision to try you guys out!

Kristie L

Guys, give the copywriters my love again. Another fantastic Gig List! <3

Josh K

I am deeply impressed by your service

Marcus B

Right on the money! you guys rock!

Jake S

I LOVE that this is a real person. Technology at its finest.

Marcus L

Hi, I love the new ability to add our own tasks to the desk. It'll help me get a lot of work related things out of OmniFocus.

Steve R

Really liking this platform. Great job, guys!

Ryan H

Jesus. You guys are great. I thought you guys are bots

Leon L

You guys have a great thing going! Having the contracts integrated was a game-changer for me and what led me to switch over from Harvest. Keep up the great work!

Ryan B

I am really loving this so far... so much time saves, so organized, and beats my Google Doc manual updating for sure... Just sent my first invoice and really pleased. Thanks guys.

Lynden W

This Chief Operator chat is awesome, the best onboarding I have ever seen :)

Hunter H

Thank you oh so much! I have been searching for something like this for AGES. I feel like I do a really good job running my own company, but this invoicing and time tracking part just hands my ass to me every time!

Chelsea M

Love it! Can you guys be any better? :)

Ethan P

Hi, I really like the service. Just set up my first contract and sent it off.

Bob L

I love this service. :)

Makeda R

I've been using AND.CO for a few months and have been really loving it lately! Keep it up.

Mikey S

Thank you for the support, that's a big plus in your service, I'll definitely recommend to fellow freelancers :)

Samuel R

Really like and am thinking about migrating my entire business over!

Steve R

You guys have just the right services, it is seamless and intuitive and it makes it fun to use AND it has saved me a ton of time already. It is also how accessible you all are AND friendly.

Sommer S

This app and system is so awesome. You know, I've used PayPal since 2006 and I have not been able to find an alternative invoicing system no matter how hard I tried. As a millenium and small business owner, this speaks volumes to me. I'll surely be referring you guys to my colleagues and friends and family. He'll even do a commercial for you guys. Cheers!

Major O

This is exactly what I've been looking for! It's simple, elegant, and most importantly international! Thank you so much.

Morgane P

Love the receipt feature! Thanks for keeping the ball rolling.

Doug W

You guys are way above the standard of support services usually give. ... You guys are legit the best support/consultants ever!

Miguel S

You guys have been great with rolling out features and I'm really happy with how fast I see them appear in my chatbox. Thanks!

Hannah C

The contract feature is really amazing. I was looking for something exactly like this.

Devon H

Thank you sooooo much! This service is great!

Lindsay L

In case you can't tell, I LOVE this service and you have been extremely helpful! :D

Tricia S

I spoke at a workshop a couple weeks ago and raved about you guys!

Derika F

It's been so easy falling in love with this app. Having the personal touch with an assistant makes this app so worth the investment. Thank you!

Tiffany W

Well played for epically raising the bar on great customer service!

Jeremy G

Killer new features, Team AND.CO! Excited to try them out.

Jeremy G

If you're a #freelancer looking for a better way to manage your business check out AND.CO. SO simple, fair pricing & genuinely care.

Cami B

Loving AND.CO. Making my consulting life way easier with invoicing and taxes.

Zachariah R

You're the bee's knees, Jodi ;) Thanks!


Let your founders know I love the service.

Sean P

Hi! I love the new timesheet layout! Super cool!

Casey S

As usual, the AND.CO team is amazing. Thanks!!

Bianca S

You all ROCK and are on top of things!

Sommer S

Just wanted to say nicely done, Williams & Harricks looks like a great compliment. Looking forward to the future of AND.CO and the incoming updates. Best wishes.

Justin T

Digging how simple this makes freelancing.

Justin W

Your service is exactly what I need at this time and the customer care is AMAZING. πŸ˜€

Karla H

I really have been loving this app☺️

Chantal T

I wish I had AND.CO back in the day. You guys make it way to easy to manage freelance projects.

Justin W

I wanted to let you guys know AND.CO is awesome and I’m enjoying trying it out! I’ve tried many many platforms similar and this one is awesome to use and super simple

David A

I love the support you guys offer...

Adrian M

You all are amazing with your support!!

Cody M

Love the contract system you have

Brad B

Great service you have. I'll definitely recommend.

Brad B

You guys are awesome. It makes me feel so good that you're listening to my feedback and working on solutions.

Page G

It seems to be almost too perfect. All the key features are here

Adrian Q

It's pretty slick - nice work!

Robinson G

I'm so glad news of this app found its way into my inbox. Where have you been all my business life? Oh never mind. The time is perfect NOW and I can't wait to get started.

Lark G

Thanks again, this is an amazing service

Daniel S

This is so crazy having this chat function - rather than it being like a bot or "submit a ticket support." Loving AND.CO already!

Austin L

I'm really impressed with what you guys have done!


Love you guys, and your mission

Jonathan J

I'm loving the way you guys have built the app..

Marcelo M