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AND CO branding

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All plans include:

Proposals & Contracts
Proposals & Contracts

Win more business with beautiful, customized proposals. Make sure you get paid with bulletproof contracts.

Invoicing & Payments
Invoicing & Payments

Create custom invoices, accept payments online and receive alerts when they’re viewed and paid.


Manage your tasks, organize your projects and stay on track.

Expense Tracking
Expense Tracking

Track expenses, get reports and bill them to your clients. Snap receipts, forward them via email or connect your bank.

Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Track and invoice your time easily. Our apps make it easy to track and get paid.


Be prepared for tax time and know your business in and out. Get reports on expenses, income, time and more.

And much more, like:

Customizable Invoices

Be sure to represent your brand by adding your own logo to your invoices.

Accept Credit Cards

Easy and secure payments directly embedded into your invoicing. Start accepting Credit Cards, ACH & PayPal payments.


Clients are international which means your business has to be too. Invoice in over 200 different currencies.

Deposit Payments

Charge a deposit before you start working and smooth out your income.

No Extra Fees

We don’t charge any additional fees for accepting payments. You solely pay your payment processor like WePay, Stripe or PayPal.

Invoice Viewed Alerts

AND CO alerts you when your client has viewed your invoice.

Create Recurring Tasks

Doing the same thing every Monday? Simply set up a recurring task and get reminded automatically

Multi-Device Tracking

Start tracking on your mobile phone, continue on your desktop. Seamless.

Share Time Sheets

Want to keep your client in the loop? Share access to your timesheet and make sure you’re always on the same page.

Forward Email Receipts

Got receipts via email? Just forward them to AND CO to simply file them in the app.

Connect Your Bank Account

Import your Credit Card and bank account transactions automatically to claim all tax deductions.


Connect AND CO with over 1,000 apps like Slack, Shopify, Google Docs, Dropbox, MailChimp or Asana.


What’s the difference between the free plan and the Pro plan?

AND CO Pro offers some additional features that aren’t available on the free plan.

Remove AND CO branding: With Pro, you can remove AND CO branding from all of your client-facing links, invoices, proposals, contracts, subscriptions, emails, and your PayMe Page. Your logo will be the only logo clients can see!

Editable contracts: Edit, hide and create new clauses within our standard freelance contract template. In Pro, you will have full control over the Attachment B legal text.

Unlimited Active Clients: On the free plan, you can have one active client at a time. This means that, while you can continue to have unlimited clients, projects and invoices, you can only actively correspond with one client at a time. With And Co Pro, you can invoice anyone anywhere, anytime!

What is an active client?

An active client is a client you are directly corresponding with via invoices, contracts, proposals, and subscriptions. Once you send one of these to a client, they become active. Creating a project or tracking time does not activate a client, and you can always archive them to deactivate and stop working with them for a time.

Regardless of which client is active at any moment, you can still track time, manage tasks and receive open subscription payments from as many clients as you like on the free plan!

Is there a free trial?

The great news is that our free plan is also our free trial! Feel free to test it out for as long as you like before upgrading.

Do you offer free support?

Always! Your Chief Operator team is always here for you and we always have your back regardless of what plan you choose! Your friendly CO’s are just a message away and we would love to hear from you.

Will you be adding more Pro features in the future? Can I request a feature?

Absolutely! The AND CO team is constantly working on launching new updates, and we live for feedback and feature requests! Feel free to send any requests or ideas for new features to your CO’s anytime via the in-app support, and trust that we have made a note, brought it up to the team to discuss, and will keep you posted when we launch it.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide any refunds on pre-paid plans. If you’re not ready to make a commitment, we recommend starting with the month-to-month plan so you can get a feel for Pro before upgrading to the annual plan. Otherwise you can stay on the free plan for as long as you like!

Can I trial Pro?

The great news is that we created our free plan to work just like the free trials you’re used to. We want our members to have the freedom to decide how they want to use AND CO, and if staying free is your thing, awesome! Your Chief Operators will always be there and have your back either way.

When do I get billed?

You will be billed as soon as you sign up. If you’re on the monthly plan, you’ll be billed again exactly one month after you upgrade and your billing date will continue on the same date every month.

In what countries is AND CO supported?

We’re incredibly proud to have members from almost every single country on Earth who use the app everyday. Our users in the United States and Canada do enjoy certain special features that aren’t currently available globally, such as the ability to connect their bank account to the app to track their expenses.

How many currencies does AND CO support?

AND CO supports almost every single fiat currency in use around the globe (with the exception of Galactic Credits, Galleons, Gold Dragons, Quatloo and Bottle Tops).

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! AND CO is fully GDPR compliant and we never sell or share your data with any 3rd parties. Ever. Our payment providers that we integrate with employ bank grade security and are fully PCI compliant.

Any more questions? Check out our FAQs to see if we’ve covered it, or reach out to support anytime.

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