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Only the most interesting freelance gigs for creatives:

Past Gig Lists included gigs from these pretty OK companies:
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Week 59

Large Purchase Approved

In things-that-literally-just-happened-but-will-be-stale-by-the-time-we-hit-send news, recently released documents reveal that Paul Manafort once racked up $25,000 worth of debit card charges at Duane Reade of all places—which, if we're being fair, could have happened to any of us on a random Friday night at 1:30 a.m.

Come to think of it, that amount of coin could get you 2,083 canisters of Jergens Instant Sun Deep Glow Bronze Sunless Tanning Mousse at your friendly neighborhood DR. Hey, wait a minute...

Now that we've solved that, check out our 10 favorite freelance gigs of the week.

Temporary Editorial Assistant, Thrillist (New York)

Tbh I didn’t realize Thrillist was still a thing until I spotted an email from them in my inbox the other day, breaking some ~highly important~ news in the form of the "Top 10 Murray Hill Sports Bars for Contracting Violent Food Poisoning from Loaded Tater Tots & Also for Encountering Close-Talking Ex-Duke Frat Bros.” NOTED. Also noted: this new temp role on their editorial staff.


Web Content Coordinator, New York Road Runners (New York)

Nothing like the distance running community to remind you of why you despise sports and prefer to spend your free time 1.5 bags of pizza Combos deep on a futon. Don’t have a problem with sucking down gelatinous sucrose and tending to your chronic thigh chafe? Apply to this contract web content role with the NYRR.


Freelance Rapid Responder, Golin (Chicago)

Brands will do just about anything to attain "cultural relevance,” the Holy Grail of modern-day marketing which essentially means appending your product to things happening in the real world that people actually care about in the hopes that, by the law of syllogism, they will, in turn, care about your brand. Join this PR shop as a freelance resource for their brand newsroom.


Marketing Manager for The Sims, Electronic Arts (San Francisco)

Remember being a 10-year-old "SimCity” enthusiast and thinking that local government was mostly about siphoning taxpayer dollars to build elaborate stadiums and also setting random things on fire for the fun of it? Guess we weren’t so far off. EA is looking for a freelancer to help facilitate their global marketing efforts. Hit the link below to apply.


Freelance Weekend Copy Editor, Fox News (New York)

Here’s an opportunity to [sic] the sh*t out of official presidential statements (tweets, btw) that will probably be screenshot and displayed on air as fact because this is the literal hellscape we’re living in, people. On the bright side, this is a great way to earn some extra income on your Saturday. Apply at the link below.


Freelance Social Copywriter, VICE (New York)

Unfortunately, you can’t rewrite any of the recent headlines about VICE, but maybe you can help forge a new future for the embattled millennial media company as a member of their social media team. Apply below.


Full Stack Developer, AdBlocker (Remote)

Fulfill your dreams of being a real-life internet vigilante by providing millions of people worldwide with the browser extensions they need to block terrible display ads. Want to fight the good fight from wherever it is you call home? Send your resume and some links to the link below.


Marketing Coordinator, thredUp (San Francisco)

Bay Area-based thredUp has taken the consignment store model online and built the world’s largest marketplace for secondhand clothing items, such as this $3,300 gold bomber jacket (36% off, yo!). Join them as a temp-to-perm marketing coordinator.


Freelance French Editor, Metro (New York)

In the immortal words of Joey Tribbiani, "Hu un blu blah flu flenk,” which roughly translates to, "If you speak French and want to nab this freelance editorial role focusing on world affairs, drop your resume at the link below."


Various Roles, AND CO & Fiverr (New York, Remote)

ICYMI, we recently joined forces with Fiverr, which means we're growing, expanding, and building even more tools and products to help you achieve all of your wildest dreams. We're looking for some talented new team members. Check out the below and give us a shout if you are passionate about building the freelance system of the future.

🌐 Chief Digital Nomad, Fiverr (Remote) 

💻 Product Designer, AND CO from Fiverr (New York) 

👐 Customer Service Manager, AND CO from Fiverr (New York) 

🚂 Backend Software Engineer, AND CO from Fiverr (New York) 

🐦 Social Media & Community Manager, AND CO from Fiverr (New York, Remote)



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