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Only the most interesting freelance gigs for creatives:

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Week 47

The next fidget spinner?

Ever reach into your pocket to clutch your phone, just for the comfort of it? Sad. Also, GUILTY. An Austrian designer has developed a contemporary art piece called the "Substitute Phone,” which is basically the blow-up doll version of a smartphone. It looks like a phone, it feels like a phone, but instead of blasting you with a perpetual loop of mediocre Instagram Stories and missed calls from your dentist’s office it just kind of sits there taking up space.

Also, you could just turn off your phone. But not before you check out this week’s top 10! P.S. You can now view & share every Gig List ever via our spiffy website.

Contract Social Marketing Manager, Spotify (New York)

Not to be a complete hater, but isn't it annoying that some 23-year-old at Spotify is sitting on a six-fig salary whilst curating the weekly "Beast Mode” playlist? Still, they must be doing something (read: many things) right because revenue is up more than 50% YoY and experts say an IPO is on the horizon. Have experience managing social? Hop aboard this unicorn train at the link below.


Freelance Videographer, Betches Media (New York)

Betches began as a modest Instagram repository for "Clueless” memes and has now evolved into a full-spectrum media platform that employs—betch, you guessed it!—freelancers. Join this unapologetic, Rihanna-worshipping squad as a freelance videographer at the link below.


P/T Lead Brand Ambassador, Lyft (Salt Lake City)

Apparently, Lyft wants to raise another $500 million, on top of the BILLION they just raised, which is to say they are going for Uber’s jugular in a big way. So much for being the "friendly” ridesharing alternative. We’re pulling for these ‘stache-assassins, and pulling for YOU to pack your skis and score this contract brand ambassador gig in beautiful Salt Lake City.


P/T Copywriter, Quovo (New York)

Not to be confused with Migos member Quavo, data platform Quovo is hiring a freelancer to produce content in the form of blog posts, reports, whitepapers, and ebooks. Though only slightly less sexy than penning sick trap verses, the company is riding the fintech wave with $15 million raised to date which is, like, 2 trillion Spotify streams of "Bad and Boujee.”


Admin Moderator, Twitch (SF or Remote)

The last time we posted a Twitch gig, I expressed incredulity at the fact that people actually enjoy watching OTHER people play VIDEO GAMES. That sentiment still stands—and Twitch is still hiring. Help keep the trash-talk and "your mom” jokes at bay by joining them as a remote (or on-site) community moderator.


Reporter, Upworthy (Remote)

The ratio of "good news” to "bad news” these days is … not good. I know this because in prepping each week’s Gig List I am forced to navigate a landmine of headlines that are simply TSS (too sh*tty for satire). Upworthy wants to create more feel-good content—you know, like the dog reunion videos that have the "Aunt Sharon” segment of Facebook on LOCK—and is hiring a remote reporter to push more positivity into our feeds.


Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Company (Remote)

The company that brought us wildly unrealistic expectations of male chivalry and 4 too many "Pirates of the Caribbean” movies is hiring a remote software engineer to help build the streaming technology product that powers content for HBO, MLB, NHL, Eurosport, ESPN, and the WWE. Hit the link below to apply.


Senior UX Designer, Wikimedia (Remote)

The fine folks behind Wikipedia, one of like 7 total websites including Yahoo that has not undergone any material UX changes in the better part of a decade, are looking for a freelance UX designer to join the team in a remote capacity. (More of a words person? They’re also hiring a remote Communications Director).


UI Engineer, Spacious (New York, SF, Remote)

Spacious is the startup with the ingenious idea to transform trendy restaurants into coworking hotbeds during off-hours. Join the team as a remote UI engineer (and also please flag the missed opportunity that is the neighboring Olive Garden-Outback Steakhouse situation on 23rd Street in New York.)


Call for Creatives, Suraj Patel for NY-12 (New York)

Entrepreneur-turned-congressional-candidate Suraj Patel is running for a seat in New York City’s 12th District (AKA the eastern side of Manhattan and the Carhartt-wearing region of North Brooklyn). He’s vowed to run his campaign like a startup, which means he needs a network for enterprising creatives and technologists to help him compete in the June primary. Somehow not disillusioned by the democratic process? Sign up as a collaborator at the link below.



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