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Designer-Illustrator, Moji

There’s really no turning back now that I know this Fetty Wap emoji sticker pack exists. The brilliant minds behind that and other emojis are hiring a freelance designer-slash-illustrator to assist in the creation of new emoji packs. In this role, you’ll be tasked with translating cultural icons into 2D digital stickers used by teenagers and 24-year-old social media strategists everywhere. I can’t imagine this gig will be open very long, so apply while you still can at the link below.
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Wait. Why is this not some normal job description?

Well, welcome to the Gig List. Each week we’re publishing a list of the most interesting freelance and remote jobs. And because job descriptions are boring to read, we try to add some flavor to them. (It’s sarcasm. That flavor is just sarcasm.) Anyway. It’s free to subscribe.

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