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The Gig List

Video Editor, Time Out

Time Out is a vestige of a forgotten era in NYC history when the Soho-dwelling Carrie Bradshaws of the world ruled the kingdom and cosmos were something that people drank unironically and without social repercussions. These days, the magazine is adapting to a new landscape in which the fashion standard for men is pretty much Orville Wright and the most sought-after bars double as yoga studios.
Gig Is Gone

Wait. Why is this not some normal job description?

Well, welcome to the Gig List. Each week we’re publishing a list of the most interesting freelance and remote jobs. And because job descriptions are boring to read, we try to add some flavor to them. (It’s sarcasm. That flavor is just sarcasm.) Anyway. It’s free to subscribe.

Past Gig Lists included gigs from these pretty OK companies:
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