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Contract, Event Ambassador Lead, Lyft

If Uber is your rich uncle that "always votes on party lines" then Lyft is your crazy aunt that continues to ask about your college era sig other even though you broke up at tailgate approximately eight years ago. You probably won’t get a bottle of Evian, but you will get a life story that you definitely did not ask to hear. That said, 93 percent of Lyft employees approve of their CEO, so you might want to look into this contract gig overseeing the company’s field marketing efforts in NYC.
Gig Is Gone

Wait. Why is this not some normal job description?

Well, welcome to the Gig List. Each week we’re publishing a list of the most interesting freelance and remote jobs. And because job descriptions are boring to read, we try to add some flavor to them. (It’s sarcasm. That flavor is just sarcasm.) Anyway. It’s free to subscribe.

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