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The Gig List

Back End Engineer, Apartment Therapy

I was going to say something here about Apartment Therapy making me feel like an inadequate human being for not being able to keep a succulent alive this far into my career as an adult, but these guys won me over by listing the fact that "your manager probably sucks" (paraphrased) as a top reason to join their team. Come to think of it, this might be the most impressive job description I have ever read—well worth the two-minute detour, even if you can’t tell Python from Portuguese.
Gig Is Gone

Wait. Why is this not some normal job description?

Well, welcome to the Gig List. Each week we’re publishing a list of the most interesting freelance and remote jobs. And because job descriptions are boring to read, we try to add some flavor to them. (It’s sarcasm. That flavor is just sarcasm.) Anyway. It’s free to subscribe.

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