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Contract Account Director, Facebook

There are pictures of you on Facebook from ten years ago that should never again see the light of day and that's reason enough to explore this gig. Facebook, AKA the top social media powerhouse in the game, is looking for an Account Director to help with strategy and development for the biggest global priorities. That’s you, working with worldwide entities, to help build the future of a company that’s already the future. You’ll be making it happen all while calling from inside the house. Also, and this is a double win, I bet they don’t have site blockers for Facebook because, well, how could they?
Gig Is Gone

Wait. Why is this not some normal job description?

Well, welcome to the Gig List. Each week we’re publishing a list of the most interesting freelance and remote jobs. And because job descriptions are boring to read, we try to add some flavor to them. (It’s sarcasm. That flavor is just sarcasm.) Anyway. It’s free to subscribe.

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