#ANDCOCHAT Twitter Chat 6/7 12pm EST: Working Remotely

November 25, 2020



Are you a digital nomad or remote worker? We’ve teamed up with YonderWork and Nick Messina to explore all the questions, fears, concerns and excitement you have about working remotely! Whether you or your company has made the shift already, are planning on it, or if you’re already a #digitalnomad, join in on our chat to share a story or two (or three!). We’re discussing tips and tricks to stay on top and manage your business and work, no matter what country you’re in
Join us at #andcochat this Wednesday, June 7th at 12pm EST to explore all things remote work related and connect with the remote work community around you. Make sure to tag us in your tweets #andcochat.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below: 
Q1 – 12:00pm EST: Calling all #remoteworkers and #digitalnomads, where are you right now? #andcochat
Q2 – 12:10pm EST: As a #digitalnomad & #remoteworker, what are some ways to meet people and build community? #andcochat
Q3 – 12:18pm EST : What are some things you miss about being in an office? #andcochat
Q4 – 12:26pm EST: What are your go-to tools to help you work as a #digitalnomad? #andcochat
Q5 – 12:34pm EST: How do you stay organized and on top of your clients? #andcochat
Q6 – 12:42pm EST: What has your client been most apprehensive about as you became a #remoteworker? #andcochat
Q7 – 12:50pm EST: Traveling and working from different cities, how do you stay on track and focused? #andcochat
See you in the chat!



Arielle is a freelance writer and content strategist who writes for publications like TrendLand, Travel Dose, The Culture Trip and VIVA Lifestyle & Travel. In her free time, she loves watching documentary films, listening to 70s folk, and teaching meditation (perhaps all at the same time).

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