5 Freelance Solutions 9-to-5ers Wish They Could Use

November 25, 2020


Tracy Soren

There are perks to a 9-to-5 life that sometimes a freelancer can miss. These include easy access to benefits, a steady paycheck, and leftover bagels in the conference room. But as they say, the grass is always greener, and a 9-to-5er wishes they had a magic wand to whip up our freelance perks, especially when it comes to solving problems. Without further ado, here is a list of freelance solutions 9-to-5ers wish they could use.

If You Don’t Like Where You Are, Make A Change…Literally

My biggest pet peeve when I worked 9-to-5 was feeling trapped in my office. It was a cave I was regulated to that I did not pick. I used to walk around with a blanket-like- shawl and my shoes off, pacing and unable to leave. The space became a distraction instead of a place of productivity as I would count down the moments until I could jet out of there. But as a freelancer, I can change my location as I see fit. This is a freelance solution many 9-to-5ers don’t have access to. They cannot just change their space if they’re feeling unproductive, they are stuck where they are both physically and mentally.

Switching the Freelance Workload

Another freelance solution 9-to-5ers can’t readily implement: changing their workload. Of course, we have clients and contracts but with our assignment comes more flexibility. Freelancers are at the buffet of assignments and we are able to steer ourselves to the carving station or omelet line if we’d like. When you’re hired specifically for a job in an office, it’s much harder to change the objectives placed upon you. Many 9-to-5ers end up doing work they didn’t sign up for and they are unhappily stuck doing it with no end in sight. Freelancers can shift as the tides roll.

Taking A Minute, An Hour, A Day

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Americans are overworked. We are busy, busy, busy, never putting down our phones, expecting to be on call all of the time. As a freelancer, the scales may tip back and forth while we financially stabilize ourselves and take advantage of the work-life balance. But if we need a mental health day, as many people often do, we can take it. 9-to-5ers are stuck doing most of the things they need to do on weekends or they’re nervous to make an appointment during the week. Freelancers can solve our problems by making our work work for our lives, not the other way around.

Conquering The Creative Block

In my 9-to-5, I had less control over my creative process. Deadlines had to be met and meetings had to be run and I didn’t have autonomy to figure out what was best to conquer the workload when I was feeling stuck. In an office, the internet can be blocked, you can have cubicle mates, or just a short period of time for lunch. Careers are run based on how the company and the bosses manage their team. While some of that translates to freelance life, freelancers have the ability to handle our careers and our creative process as we see fit. Whether it be taking a long walk, watching some YouTube videos, or blasting music, we have complete control over how we want to get the creative juices flowing.

Don’t Run It By The Boss

Like I stated above, we freelancers are our own boss and being your own boss is the top freelance solution that 9-to-5ers wish they could use. The chain of command in an office, if not used correctly, can stifle the worker. Not only that, many are forced to go along with solutions they don’t agree with. In a 9-to-5 office, the boss rules out. Being unable to solve a problem the way you think is best is extremely tough and disheartening, especially if you feel like you’re not being listened to. But freelancers can decide to proceed with their business any way they want and we are lucky to have set ourselves up in that position of power. That ability to employ our skills as we see fit goes a long way.


Tracy Soren

Tracy Soren is a comedian and writer from Queens, NY. She is 1/2 of soren & jolles with fellow comedian Jessie Jolles. They’ve been called one of NYC's Top 10 Up-And-Coming Comedians, The Next Broad City, and 10 Rising Improv Stars That Deserve Their Own TV Shows. Tracy has been featured on Bravo’s digital series "GuideTo...", hosting for Refinery29's Facebook Live, and the current season of Elite Daily's "Generation whY". UCB trained, she improvises throughout the city with her indie teams Gulf Oil and FIRE FIRE FIRE. Tracy has written for sites like Reductress, Slop Sandwich, and Mashable.

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