What These 5 Invoicing Habits Say About You As a Freelancer

All freelancers deal with invoicing—it’s just part of the business. What you may not realize is just how much you’re invoicing says to your clients about you and your work as a freelancer.  Establishing a healthy freelance routine should include healthy invoicing habits. In fact, since invoices control how and when you make money, getting ...

The Five Best Credit Cards For Freelancers

November 25, 2020 INVOICING

Since freelancing is often a solo endeavor, credit cards emerge as the best option to help with the spending when funds are in limbo.  And not only do credit cards give you lots of purchasing power, but they also offer rewards programs that result in points, discounts, or even frequent flyer miles! That said, freelancers ...

AND.CO vs. PayPal: Why AND.CO Wins


For freelancers, managing your invoicing and payment is one of the biggest headaches. Since you work with multiple clients, it’s challenging to have everything in one place and keep track of things like processed payments, pending payments, and projects you haven’t invoiced. That’s where payment and invoicing platforms like PayPal enter the picture. With almost 300 ...

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