3 Ways to Boost Your Freelance Efficiency Like a Boss

November 25, 2020



As a self-employed person or “solopreneur,” you know that being independent can oftentimes feel like a balancing act.
You are your own boss, though technically you report to multiple clients. You can choose who to work with, but you need to market and sell yourself to keep your pipeline full. You can set your own schedule, but you’ll need to accommodate extra (read: non-billable) hours for running the operations of your business.
One of the most common strategies employed by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs is to automate the small, seemingly simple tasks that eat up your time. For freelancers, this means tasks like time-tracking, setting up clients and payment schedules and managing expenses.
Here are a few ways AND CO will help automate your business so you can hustle even harder:
Automate invoicing: Invoicing can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. You can go from “Yay, I’m about to get paid!” to “Please make this stop” in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, AND CO cuts the time it takes to properly invoice clients by creating invoices for you and setting up billing cycles in a matter of seconds.
AND CO Invoicing
Automate expense tracking: Remember that spreadsheet you *were* using to track your monthly (or quarterly) expenses? It’s time to upgrade your approach. With AND CO, we’ll automatically—and securely—track your credit card activity and bank transactions and file them in seconds. For expenses that accrue outside of those accounts, you can simply forward them to us and we’ll take care of the rest.
AND CO Expense-Tracking
Track time without wasting time: Tracking time is a necessary evil for independent workers. While it might seem illogical to spend time analyzing where the hours go, it’s extremely important when it comes to optimizing your workflow and keeping projects on target. AND CO’s simple time-tracking tool takes the pain out of the process. It even syncs with our invoice-generator automatically, so trackable hours become billable hours in a snap.
AND CO Time Tracking
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Katie Perry is former Editor at AND CO.

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