#ANDCOCHAT Twitter Chat 6/14 12pm EST: Female Digital Nomads1 min read

January 29, 2021


#ANDCOCHAT Twitter Chat 6/14 12pm EST: Female Digital Nomads1 min read

Are you a female digital nomad with some stories to tell? Or aspire to travel the world while working but need some tips and advice to get started? We’re co-hosting a Twitter chat with digital nomads @suzannahweiss + @sodevious to discuss the perks and challenges of being a female digital nomad. This is an all-inclusive chat, discussing empowering women in both the digital nomad and remote work arena, with words from inspiring women mentors and leaders. Join in and share your stories with #andcochat!
We’ll be hosting it this Wednesday, June 14th at 12 pm EST. Make sure to tag us in your tweets #andcochat.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below: 
Q1 – 12:00pm EST: Where are our female #digitalnomads tweeting us from today? #andcochat
Q2 – 12:10pm EST: Did you receive any backlash from making the leap to become a #digitalnomad? #andcochat
Q3 – 12:18pm EST : What sorts of hiccups have you experienced along the way, either gender or general work related? #andcochat
Q4 – 12:26pm EST:  Do you have any remote work mentors? What women are absolutely crushing it in this space? #andcochat
Q5 – 12:34pm EST: What tools, resources or communities have been super helpful to you? #andcochat
Q6 – 12:42pm EST: What makes you stay inspired to keep on the #hustle? #andcochat
Q7 – 12:50pm EST: Before we part, what are some go-to job sites for aspiring or current #digitalnomads? #andcochat
See you in the chat!


Arielle is a freelance writer and content strategist who writes for publications like TrendLand, Travel Dose, The Culture Trip and VIVA Lifestyle & Travel. In her free time, she loves watching documentary films, listening to 70s folk, and teaching meditation (perhaps all at the same time).
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