8 Worst Pet Peeves for Freelancers

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When you get into freelancing as a full-time gig, you are able to eliminate a lot of traditional pet peeves that we associate with work – gone are your hours wasted in gridlocked traffic, the co-worker who plays Kenny G’s “Songbird” infinitely on his desktop stereo, and the extra five pounds you’re gaining every month ...


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When you go from writing a few blog posts a month for the local community newsletter to concocting a business name and looking into private healthcare options and LLC costs, you’re doing what Obi-Wan Kenobi once called “taking your first step into a larger world.” When freelancing moves from a hobby to a profession, things ...

The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: CurrencyFair

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If you’ve ever freelanced, or even taken a vacation, overseas you know the panic that slowly creeps up as you’re preparing for your trip. You double-check that you packed your passport at least twelve times. You review that you didn’t need any vaccinations (that are too late to get now, ahhh!) You even buy one ...

Digital Nomad: Where the Self-Employed Should Work in 2017 

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If you’re a self-employed freelancer and a natural-born nomad, the world can be your oyster and your office! Having the freedom to work remotely means you can work from anywhere… and we mean ANYWHERE! The thought of packing up your stapler and setting sail might seem daunting at first, but once you see what these beautiful cities ...

Eva Reder

How do you get started and established on Medium?

January 29, 2021 Uncategorized

Three years ago, I decided to start writing (almost) every day on Medium and it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. My background was in freelance design and I wanted to write a book. After receiving advice from a friend who had been writing for a while, I decided to instead start ...

Do You Want to Freelance Over A Decade?

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Photo credit: Pexels This Is What It Takes to Make It When most people hear the word “freelancer,” they probably picture a young, artsy twenty-something who is free to roam about the country, frequenting trendy coffee shops (you know, those Instagrammable hubs that look like an Apple store had sex with an Anthropologie) while plugged into their ...

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