The X Cheapest Countries to Live in as a Freelancer

The 6 Cheapest Countries to Live in as a Freelancer

January 29, 2021 DIGITAL NOMAD

Thankfully, being a freelancer doesn’t limit you to working at just your house or apartment in whatever state you reside in.  Freelancing gigs can be done anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, so really, you can go out and see the whole world, while still accomplishing meaningful work! And even though money ...

Visa 101 for Digital Nomads

November 25, 2020 DIGITAL NOMAD

Though technology and modern travel may make the world feel borderless, digital nomads do need to follow the appropriate steps when spending extended periods of time living and working abroad. As you explore your options as a remote worker, the notion of acquiring a visa might feel like a daunting and complex process. Indeed, it ...

The Ultimate Digital Nomad Packing List

November 25, 2020 DIGITAL NOMAD

If you’re toying with the idea of pursuing a nomadic lifestyle or contemplating a long-term trip, the way you pack will be significantly different than the way an average traveler would. No doubt you’ll have special considerations that stationary workers and casual travelers don’t have. So, what do you pack when you travel as a ...

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