The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: BuzzSumo

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

How do you find out what people are talking about? It’s a simple question but a vital one for content marketers and freelancers who want to create brand awareness. Google SERPs give one set of data points, but a SERP placement is really how popular or useful Google thinks a link is. A much surer ...

The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: Spacious

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Every cubicle dweller has dreamed of working from home. No commute! No annoying interruptions! The ability to work in pajamas! But working from home has some disadvantages that freelancers soon run into once they get their businesses off the ground. It can be quite lonely. The lack of social interaction beyond phone calls and video ...

The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: Grasshopper

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Have you ever heard of a PBX system? If you’ve ever had to use business lines inside of a corporate building, you’ve used one. It’s a way for multiple people to share phone lines using extensions while still keeping one main number. This lets businesses use a single number for outside contact. It’s more convenient ...

The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: InVision

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

If you work in the design industry, you know how difficult it can be to collaborate on designs with clients and team members. What looks good on your screen may not look good on your client’s screen. Communication about workflow and progress on large projects can become unwieldy with so many ‘moving parts.’ Even just ...

The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: Breather

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Freelancers and small businesses alike know too well the struggle of trying to get work done in distracting places, especially while traveling. Since many in the freelance and small business world do not have designated office space, they flock to crowded coffee shops and busy coworking spaces. Going on a business trip can make working ...

The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: MealPal

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Whether you’re working in New York or building a startup in Miami, freelancers still have to deal with the inevitable question: where are you going to eat while you’re working so hard? Many freelancers prefer to eat out to save time, but even waiting in line to place an order can take up too much ...

The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: Skillshare

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Who doesn’t love learning something new? Broadening your skillset, conquering challenges, and expanding your horizons are all exciting benefits that go along with trying your hand at something that’s totally foreign to you. However, it wasn’t always so easy to get access to the resources you needed to take on a new project. In fact, ...

The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: Raaly

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

As an ex-9-to-5er, there’s not much I crave about my past life. I don’t miss the meetings that could have been emails, or saying “TGIF, am I right” to everyone in the office as if it was mandatory. I don’t miss the professional business attire, clothing you have to buy even though it has only one purpose. ...

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