The Perks of Being an AND CO Member: Breather

January 29, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Freelancers and small businesses alike know too well the struggle of trying to get work done in distracting places, especially while traveling. Since many in the freelance and small business world do not have designated office space, they flock to crowded coffee shops and busy coworking spaces. Going on a business trip can make working ...

5 Great Online Communities for Freelance Marketers


Freelance online marketers, like several other freelance professionals, often work alone. Their job takes them into the spheres of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to name a few. They spend hours scheduling posts on different websites and running targeted advertisements meant to draw more people in. However, online marketers can never truly work alone. They ...

Awesome Office Solutions for Freelancers in Miami

November 25, 2020 LIFESTYLE

New York City is not the only hub for professional freelancers in the United States. As it turns out, there are several. Miami, in particular, is a hugely popular city for freelancers. Companies within Miami have cultivated freelancing for locals in order to strengthen their economy. As a result, the freelancing community in Miami is ...

The 7 Best Freelance Office Space Solutions in New York City

November 25, 2020 LIFESTYLE

Within their day-to-day schedules, freelancers are faced with a unique conundrum – how can they be productive when working alone? Freelancers are allowed a vast amount of freedom. Much like authors beholden to agents, they do not have work hours, simply deadlines. A full-time freelancer can wake up, open a laptop, and start work without ...

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