Georgia is a writer and actress based in Los Angeles. She originally hails from England, where she gained a degree in Theatre and an accent. Georgia has been known to write sketch comedy, online blogs, animated shorts and sarcasm. She is currently writing and performing in the Sunday Company at the Groundlings, and can weld if need be.

Freelance Fitness: 7 Ways You Can Blow Off Steam on Breaks

January 29, 2021 LIFESTYLE

Freelancing can be exhausting work. Sending reports, managing projects, and juggling clients might be considered a workout in itself. It’s always a good idea to step away from the desk and let off some steam–whether it be stress or just some leftover sluggishness from the morning–elsewhere. Nothing keeps your mind focused and stress-free like some ...

Have These Symptoms? You Might Need a Dose of Freelance

January 29, 2021 LIFESTYLE

People all over this country are suffering in silence. They can’t quite explain it, but they feel like a square peg in a round hole. They need to make a career change, but don’t know how or what to do. If this sounds like you, you might need a strong dose of Freelancing! Some patients ...

This Labor Day, Take The Day Off!

January 29, 2021 LIFESTYLE

Just because you don’t work typical office hours or gossip by the water cooler doesn’t mean your work isn’t still classified as ‘labor.’ So clock-out, sit back, and enjoy Labor Day weekend with the rest of America. Here are some reasons why freelancers should (and deserve!) to celebrate long weekends just like the rest of the ...

Pokemon Go and 5 Other Distractions Freelancers Must Avoid

January 29, 2021 LIFESTYLE

We all get distracted. It happens. It’s what makes us human, and also part-magpie. Freelancers work from home, satellite offices, coffee shops, and boardrooms. This ad hoc lifestyle can make staying focused a challenge. Don’t worry, AND CO is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of six distractions all freelancers should avoid! (Reading this ...

Digital Vacation: Tech-Free Fun for Freelancers Looking to Take a Break

January 29, 2021 LIFESTYLE

Freelancers don’t typically get set vacation days, so finding the time to clock-out can be tricky. We know that working for different clients, keeping ad hoc hours, and creating your own weekly schedule can often mean going months without taking a break from your laptops! And even if you’re a nonstop worker, you need the occasional break. So, shut down your ...

Sidekicks AND CO Chief Operators Can Be For Freelancers

January 29, 2021 LIFESTYLE

Let’s be honest, everyone needs a sidekick.Who wouldn’t want a loyal companion to help you navigate sticky situations, dangerous twists and turns, and tax season!?And in a freelancer’s case, that’s an app that’ll make your business easier. Your AND CO Chief Operator is armed and ready to tackle the ups and downs of freelancing life with you ...

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