Announcing Our New Partnership with Envato

November 25, 2020



We’re excited to announce our partnership with Envato, the leading global community for buying and selling creative assets. More than 8 million people participate in the Envato Market, many of which are freelancers and other independent creative professionals.
We were eager to work with Envato since we understand that a large and growing share of the freelance community is made up of people with creative backgrounds. According to our recently released study on the state of freelance, creative professionals made up the single largest share of “new” independents (people who have been freelancing for three years or less).
This partnership offers freelance creatives the best of both worlds: access to premium creative assets via Envato with the added benefit of access to top business productivity tools via AND CO. The partnership provides Envato Elements subscribers with a free AND CO gold membership.
In the words of Envato’s CEO, Collis:
“At its core, Envato Elements has always been about providing high-quality digital assets for our customers, from freelancers and small business to larger creative agencies, to ensure they have the creative materials and inspiration they need to deliver beautiful, engaging projects. … Putting AND CO and Envato Elements together helps our subscribers take the sting out of some of the boring, but important, admin that comes with a creative business. So they can get back to creating more.”
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