Introducing the Ultimate Freelancing Calendar

November 25, 2020



We know that as a solopreneur, chances are, you’re juggling a lot at once. But we also know that a little bit of organization goes a long way. From tax dates (status: LOOMING) to project end dates, you can now view your work schedule in the context of your personal obligations, making sure you really do have time to do it all.
Enter the AND CO Calendar. We built it just for you to help you better plan your day, week and month.

Why is this awesome?

You are now able to see all your important project, contract and invoice dates right in your calendar app of your choice, along with milestones like U.S. national tax days and more – helping you stay on track. Just sync with the compatible calendar application of your choice, your AND CO Calendar will stay up-to-date based on your actions within the AND CO app.
Integrate the AND CO Calendar in two minutes by following a few quick steps, listed below.

  • Get your unique link: To access your calendar link, head over to Settings > Calendar within the AND CO app, and follow the instructions from there.
    • This first step is simple but important (!!!):  In order for the calendar to stay up-to-date, you must manually enter the subscription into your calendar by copy/pasting the URL provided above. Do not open the calendar from a downloaded file.
  • Integrate! Follow the instructions included below to set up the calendar in accordance with your preferred email client.


Open the iCal app. Select File > New Calendar Subscription. Enter the subscription link URL (see steps above) in the prompting field and hit “Subscribe.” Voila! This action will sync your AND CO Calendar.

Google Calendar (Web)

Sign into your Google Account and open the Google Calendar application. On the left-hand side, you will see a category for Other Calendars. Click the dropdown menu option > Add by URL. Enter your subscription link URL and select “Add Calendar.” You will see the calendar appear under Other Calendars.

Outlook (Web)

Log into your Outlook web account and open your Outlook Calendar. Click the Add Calendar dropdown > From Internet > enter your subscription link URL and name the calendar. Hit Save, and you will see the calendar appear under Other Calendars.

What hacks are you using to keep your freelance schedule in check? Let us know in the comments below.



Lydia Gokmen is Chief Operator at AND CO, where she is charged with helping AND CO's community of self-employed hustlers and freelancers meet their business goals. As CO, she facilitates open and active communication between users and the product.

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