FAQ About Freelancers Marketing

Freelance Marketing FAQ helps you get all your questions about being freelance answered.

Tips for spreading the word on my biz?

So you have decided to go solo and start your own freelance business!! Now you want to let the world now about what it is that you can offer them and get some clients onboard! Not to mention make some Mula $$$!!


How can I market myself as a freelancer?

Marketing yourself as a freelancer is not very different from job hunting. It is crucial to market yourself properly as you will be in a consistent pursuit of gigs to assure you that your income remains steady.  Therefore, you need to be consistently prepared and showcasing for the next available opportunity.


Do I need a website as a freelancer?

ndoubtedly, freelancing is a lucrative job but that does not in any way make it an easy feat. without clearly defined, easily measurable goals, it’s likely to face a very difficult time getting by as a freelancer.


I am new to Freelancing, how do I create a business name, do I need a logo?

The freelancing business is a extremely competitive one. Every day new talents come aboard while established names maintain or increase market share. For newbies starting as a fresh one you will be faced with  several dilemmas, the biggest of which is what name to use for your freelancing business.


Can I ask my client for a testimonial of my work?

As a freelancer your customer is rightly enthroned as king. What your clients think goes a long way in determining how well you flourish. Or how fast you fall!! Have you ever come across that freelancer that nobody likes?


How To Choose A Business Name

A name is a rope with which your business draws from water from the well. It is the cornerstone in your path to building a successful brand. If the cornerstone is poorly placed, it affects not just the look but the structural integrity of the whole building.