Finance FAQS For Freelancers

Freelance Finance FAQ helps you get all your questions about being freelance answered.

Should I have a separate business bank account or can I use my personal account?

You are now no longer required to have a separate commercial enterprise financial institution account as a sole proprietorship, but separate accounts are nevertheless a terrific idea. A dedicated commercial enterprise account can assist you separate commercial enterprise and personal fees and control your commercial enterprise budget greater easily.

What are Billable Expenses?

Billable expenses are expenses youve been charged which you need to get over your customer. Assign expenses you need to get better whilst coming into a bill, spend cash transaction or invoice.

If I have an international client do I invoice them in their currency or my currency?

Having international client is actually very common these days especially if you are a go getting tech savvy, digital nomad entrepreneur then no doubt you are attracting clients all over the world!!