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Are there any resources for someone who is trying to build their freelance business?

AND CO has put together a book, Welcome to Your Independence, written both for individuals new to the freelancing world and old-timers looking to spruce things up. The book is a guide that puts together the insights gained through the thousands of experiences freelancers have shared with us. There’s knowledge to be gained whether you are just beginning to consider entering the independent workforce or have been in the world of freelancing for years and are looking to refine the tactics you currently have in place.

Wherever you are in life, Welcome to Your Independence is meant to serve as a guide to walk you through the first steps of going freelance and show you ways to become an established and successful independent worker.

Some topics addressed in the comprehensive guide include pricing and marketing your services, managing client expectations, how to draft up solid and professional proposals and get paid faster, freelance taxes, and more!

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