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AND CO is all you need to run your business from proposal to payment. It’s easy to use and saves a damn amount of time.

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All Features

Invoicing More info

Customizable Invoices

Be sure to represent your brand by adding your own logo to your invoices.

Automatic Invoices

Have invoices created automatically for you based on your contracts and projects. No need to lift a finger (other than the click to actually send it).

Automatic Payment Reminders

Our app automatically alerts you if your invoices have not been paid yet.

Recurring Invoices

Working on a weekly or monthly gig? Simply create recurring invoices.

Accept Credit Cards, ACH & PayPal

Easy and secure payments directly embedded into your invoicing. Start accepting Credit Cards, ACH & PayPal payments.

Smart Deposits

Easily request a deposit for your work with a single-click.

Invoice Viewed Alerts

AND CO alerts you when your client has viewed your invoice.


Add percentage or fixed discounts to your invoices.


Clients are international which means your business has to be too. Invoice in over 200 different currencies.

Invoice Your Tracked Time

Track your time with AND CO and have your invoices created automatically. No need to ever lift a finger, other than to click that one button.

Invoice Billable Expenses

Simply check a box and boom! Your expenses are sent straight through to the client on your next invoice.

Multi-language Invoices

Based in the US, but clients in Europe? Not a problem. AND CO supports invoicing in 15+ languages.

Attach Files To Invoices

Have any other documents your clients need from you with the invoice? Just attach them.

Invoice Milestones

Set milestones for every project, get alerts when they’re reached and have the invoice prepared automatically.

Proposals & Contracts More info

Customizable Proposals

Win clients with proposals that show your brand and services.

Customizable Contracts

Simply turn clauses on and off, attach further notes and more.

Deposit Payments

Charge a deposit before you start working and smooth out your income.

The First Standard Service Agreement

Our contract is co-created with the Freelancers Union and automatically complies with the Freelance Isn’t Free Act.

E-signing included

You and your clients can sign contracts online. Finally no print, scan, send anymore!

Smart Alerts

Get alerts when the contract is viewed, signed and when the project starts. Never miss anything.

Automated invoices

AND CO generates invoices automatically based on your contract terms. Just click and approve.

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Subscriptions & Payments More info

Accept Credit Cards, ACH & PayPal

Give your clients multiple payment methods and get paid faster.

Create Recurring Payments

Set-up recurring payments and remove the friction of invoicing the same client at the same time each month.

Accept Payments Globally

Get paid, no matter where your clients are.

No Extra Fees (!!)

We don’t charge any additional fees for accepting payments. You solely pay your payment processor like WePay, Stripe or PayPal.

Payment Alerts

Get alerts whenever you get paid through AND CO.

Track Payments

By connecting your bank account, you can automatically track all incoming payments. No matter if they were paid via AND CO or not.

Task Manager More info

Track All Tasks

Keep all your tasks in one place and always know what you’ve got on your plate. No need to flip between multiple to-do-lists and apps.

Tag Tasks

Simply add tags to any task to assign it to a project, client or lists.

Create Task Lists

Organize your business tasks in custom lists that you can access right from your Desk. Create lists for clients, projects or whatever else you come up with.

Set Due Dates

Add a due date to a task and get reminded at just the right time.

Create Recurring Tasks

Doing the same thing every Monday? Simply set up a recurring task and get reminded automatically.

Set Defer Dates

Want to remember something for later? Set a defer date and get reminded later on.

Snooze Tasks

Don’t want to complete a task right now? Snooze it for later.

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Expense Tracking More info

Organize All Your Expenses

Keep all your expenses in one place, searchable and easily accessible on all devices.

Snap Receipts

Just use the mobile app to snap any receipt you get on the go.

Forward Email Receipts

Got receipts via email? Just forward them to AND CO to simply file them in the app.

Create Recurring Expenses

Got a subscription? Simply set it up as a recurring expense and have AND CO file it automatically every month.

Connect Your Bank Account

Import your Credit Card and bank account transactions automatically to claim all tax deductions!

Be Prepared For Tax Time

Get all the reports and spreadsheets you need to be prepared for tax time.

Simple, Powerful Stats

Yeah. Know what’s up in your business with stats you can actually understand.

Bill Expenses To Your Clients

Simply check a box and boom! Your expenses are sent straight through to the client on your next invoice.

Get Expense Reports

Download your expense reports with a quick click. Get everything in a perfectly categorized spreadsheet.

Receipt Filing

Save all your receipts in one place and never lose them.


Time Tracking More info

Track Your Time Live

Use our timer to track your time in real-time. Simply start the timer when you start work and stop it when you stop work.

Track Time On Mobile

Track directly from your mobile phone, and never miss a second.

Easily Catch Up

Time Sheets, bah. At least we made it easy! Always easily catch up on your timesheets with our Time Tracking app. Your activities are automatically saved, so you just have to select them, tab your time and be done with it.

Invoice Your Time

Easily translate time worked into $$$ earned by invoicing your tracked time directly.

Track Time By Project

Easily track your time by project and activity.

Group Activities By Anything

When you invoice, group your activities by day, activity or don’t show them at all. You’re in control.

Multi-Device Tracking

Start tracking on your mobile phone, continue on your desktop. Seamless.

Desktop App

Track time right from your Desktop, with AND CO’s desktop app for Mac. Or via any modern browser on the Web App.

Share Time Sheets

Want to keep your client in the loop? Share access to your timesheet and make sure you’re always on the same page.

Weekview Of Your Time

See the hours worked on a weekly basis and give yourself another perspective on your progress.

Export Reports

Export your time sheets into Excel with just a click of the button.

Time Stats

Get deeper insights into how you spend your time.

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Reports More info

Visual Statistics

See how your business is developing over time with the help of clean visualizations.

Income Statement

Get the statements you need for tax time and any time in-between.

Export Anything

Never feel locked-in. With AND CO you can export all reports and files, any time.

Income Overview

Get an overview of all your income and invoices. No matter if it was paid via AND CO or another service.

Expense Overview

Get detailed overviews on all your expenses and billable expenses.

Financial Alerts

AND CO sends you alerts when invoices are paid, subscriptions were charged and when it’s time to invoice again.

Integrations More info


Receive all your alerts right within Slack and chat with your Chief Operator.


Automatically import all sales from your store into AND CO as income and automatically be prepared for tax time.


Connect AND CO with over 1,000 apps like Google Docs, Dropbox, MailChimp or Asana.


Accept Credit Card and ACH payments using your Stripe account.


Connect your PayPal account to accept payments globally.


Easily accept Credit Card with WePay.


Automatically show the most important dates in your calendar, like invoice due dates, project start and end dates and more.

Your Bank Account

Connect your US or Canadian bank account or credit card to automatically import your expenses and income.

Many more to come ...

We’re always working on new integrations, so stay tuned!

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