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The Essential Handbook for Digital Nomads, by Digital Nomads. Created by AND.CO.


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About the book

ANYWHERE is written for freelancers, solopreneurs and remote workers who are drawn to the possibilities, opportunities and challenges that a nomadic lifestyle brings.

In AND.CO’s recent Slash Workers report, 60 percent of freelancers surveyed said they would be interested in living as a digital nomad in future. So, what’s stopping them?

For some workers it might be personal obligations, or job restrictions—but for many freelancers, it’s the fear of the unknown. No doubt, the life of a digital nomad is full of unknowns, especially at the very beginning. Where will you live? What will you do to earn a living? How will you take care of yourself? These are all reasonable questions to ponder as you make your decision.

Since living and working as a digital nomad is such a unique experience, we leaned on insights from more than 100 people who have been there before to capture the fundamentals of living a nomadic lifestyle. Each chapter was written by a current digital nomad, and dozens of best practices from their peers can be found throughout the chapters.

What you’ll learn

ANYWHERE provides a broad-based education around several aspects of nomadic life, so you have a solid footing before you decide to pack your bags and begin your new life. Such topics include:


Transition your life and your career to that of a nomad


Build your remote work safety net


Select the host city & living situation that’s right for you


Navigate the tax & legal complexities that a nomadic lifestyle can bring


Effectively communicate with clients & colleagues afar


Approach wellness, self-care and family life as a nomad


Be a respectful nomad & true student of the world

And much more

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About AND.CO

AND.CO helps independent workers, many of whom are digital nomads, run their businesses from proposal to payment. We believe in empowering the future workforce by providing people with the tools and technology they need to save time and get back to do what they love: their work.


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