30 Podcasts Every Freelancer Should Follow5 min read

February 12, 2019


30 Podcasts Every Freelancer Should Follow5 min read

In our hyper-connected world, podcasts are a great source of information, inspiration, and education. Whether you’re on the train, going for a jog, or sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the interstate, you can keep exploring and growing by listening to the right podcasts.

Freelancers, especially in the 21st century, must be aware of trends—or ideally, stay ahead of them. Whether you’re primarily a writer, editor, web developer, graphic designer, or anything else, here’s a list of some worthwhile podcasts for you to check out.

Podcasts to help you earn more

1. The Six Figure Freelancer Audio Course

This 12-episode audio course features expert professionals who share their tips for reaching a six-figure income as a freelancer. Get equipped with the right strategies and frameworks to set you up for growth.

2. Charge More Money

The title of this one kind of explains what it’s all about. What kind of freelancer doesn’t want to increase their rates?

3. Life Unsettled

Want to learn about creating income streams from a PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics who built a variety of successful companies? Click the link and open your ears.

Podcasts to help you run your business

4. Be Build Have

From networking to time management to marketing, any budding (or even experienced) solopreneur must learn how to run their own business—which is exactly what you’ll get with Be Build Have.

5. The Businessology Show

Freelancers are often thrown into the business side of things after coming from a creative background—with episodes about pricing, client onboarding, sales and marketing, and much more, this is a great place to start or to brush up on your skills.

Podcasts to motivate you to reach your goals

6. The Garyvee Audio Experience

Gary Vee Audio Experience - AND CO from Fiverr

If you ever wake up in the morning with a complete and utter lack of desire to do anything, but you have a pile of work that needs to be done, let Gary Vaynerchuk yell at you until you have no other option but to buckle down and get the job done.

7. Good Life Project

Being a freelancer, especially full-time, is about trying to improve your life by working in a way that suits your ideal lifestyle. This podcast examines what it means to live a good life through conversations with some of the most respected experts from a variety of fields.

8. The Tony Robbins Podcast

If Tony Robbins can’t boot your ass into gear, no one can.

9. The Top 3 for Entrepreneurs

This podcast features an interesting concept—each episode includes the top three pieces of advice from different entrepreneurs.

10. Zen Habits Radio

Living the freelance life well can ultimately be the same thing as living life itself well. For anyone striving for a better work/life balance, this podcast is totally worth a listen.

Podcasts featuring other freelancer’s journeys 

11. A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment

Critically acclaimed authors Sherman Alexie and Jess Walters share their most recent works, interview artists, musicians, and writers, all served up with their own unique senses of humor. All creatives can learn something about the life of an artist from any episode.

12. Dreamers Podcast

What are your freelance dreams? Hear from fellow dreamers, and maybe it will help you take steps to fully realizing your potential.

13. The Gently Mad: Life, Business & Entrepreneurship Without the BS

Freelancers are, by either nature or necessity, entrepreneurial. These conversations with trailblazers in their fields can help you blaze your own.

14. The School of Greatness

You will hear from top athletes, business people, writers, and other high achievers—learn from the best to become one of the best.

15. The Solopreneur Hour

Also known as “Proudly Unemployable,” this podcast has a laser-focus on the freelance life. With 541 episodes as of this writing, the list of guests and topics is astounding.

16. The Accidental Creative

These conversations with artists, authors, and business people are the perfect blend for the freelancer who needs to master a little bit of everything to succeed.

Podcasts to help you market your business

17. Influence Pros

Influence is power. Freelancers need to know how to not only influence potential clients, but also how to influence consumers on behalf of their clients.

18. The Business of Story

Sometimes the best way to sell something is to tell a great story.

19. Content Inc.

Building an audience is crucial for any internet business, and content is the way to build it.

20. Copyblogger FM

Explore such topics as email marketing, copywriting, and conversion optimization with experts from each field.

21. Marketing to Crush Your Competitors: Online Business

Hey, it’s a cutthroat world out there. What are you doing to make sure you stand out from the rest of the crowd?

22. Social Media Zoom Factor

Whether marketing yourself or on behalf of a client, you can brush up on your social media skills with this podcast hosted by social media expert Pam Moore.

Podcasts about freelance industries  

23. The Creative Process

Exploring the path from idea to finished project, any creative person can gain some wisdom here.

24. The Back to Front Show

With discussions about remote working, web content, and startups, freelancers can find plenty of interesting episodes in this UK-based podcast.

25. This Developer’s Life

Whether you are already a developer or are thinking of becoming one, this inside look at how developers live their lives can help you navigate your own.

26. Insert Content Here

Stories of content strategy, digital publishing, and development, all told with wit and wisdom.

27. Let’s Make Mistakes

With a focus on web design and development, this podcast also explores a myriad of other topics that are applicable to anyone working on anything creative.

28. Six Pixels of Separation

Digital marketing is explored from every angle in this long-running podcast.

29. Social Pros Podcast

This interview-heavy podcast provides different perspectives from social media strategists in each episode.

30. The Web Ahead

With the vast majority of freelancers working via the Internet, and many specifically working on web pages, content strategy, and other ever-changing topics, The Web Ahead is a great podcast to stay ahead of trends and on top of your game.

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John Arthur is a contributor for AND CO. Beyond writing, he is passionate about music and is a member of the band, The Deafening Colors.

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