Female Remote Worker

The Remote Work Wage Gap: What the Data Says

August 14, 2018 FUTURE OF WORK

The stats are in: our remote work study, created in conjunction with Remote Year, examines the lives of remote workers to discover what motivates them, what challenges them, and what kind of lifestyles they are leading. We also analyzed what they earn – and (surprise, surprise): there is still a remote work gender pay gap. But ...

future of work is anywhere

The Future of Work is Anywhere: New Remote Work Report

August 14, 2018 FUTURE OF WORK

There’s a shift happening in the global workforce. As people demand more from their careers, they also recognize that work should fit into their lifestyle – not the other way around. They shouldn’t have to be in the same room as their boss to get things done… or in the same city for that matter. ...

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