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Retirement Saving Must Start Now, Not Later


In the initial throes of setting up a freelancing business, saving for retirement may be the last thing on your mind. However, if you let it sit on the back burner, you’d be making a very big mistake. Retirement savings are essential if you want to avoid working very late in life on things you ...

Freelance Reads You Need to Have


Last week, AND CO brought you Welcome to Your Independence, compiling our insights and learnings gleaned from thousands of freelancers. In its 70+ pages of insights, freelancers of all levels learn how to succeed in all areas of freelance, including paperwork, landing clients, and being productive. If you’re looking for additional information on how to ...

Freelancers Share Their Words of Wisdom freelance wisdom, words of wisdom, freelance advice, advice for freelancers, 9 to 5, nine to five, freelance clients, freelance motivation

Freelancers Share Their Words of Wisdom

September 29, 2016 FREELANCE KNOWLEDGE

Whether you’re an established freelancer or just beginning your adventure into a freelance career, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and listen to what others who have ventured along the same path have experienced. We asked two freelancers to tell us their stories, and their answers will inspire you to kick your freelance ...

Practical Tips: Do's and Don'ts of Landing Freelance Work freelance tips, freelance work, land freelance work, find freelance work

Practical Tips: Do’s and Don’ts of Landing Freelance Work


I’ve been hiring freelancers for 15 years, for direct client work and agency teams.  During that time I’ve recognized patterns in how successful freelancers approach winning business, and mistakes that even experienced freelancers sometimes make.  I’m also a freelance project manager and UX architect, and have had developed some strategies that work well for me ...

Welcome to Your Independence: The Go-To Guide for Freelancers live independent, freelance, freelance guide, freelance book, freelance ebook, be independent, freelance 101, free book, free ebook, freelancer, freelance, gig economy, book

Welcome to Your Independence: The Go-To Book for Freelancers

This week, AND CO launched our comprehensive guide to freelance success, Welcome to Your Independence.  The modern freelance landscape rapidly changes. Freelancers have a nearly endless amount of routes to choose from. Some lead to glory while others might send you reluctantly fleeing for office life once again. Quality information is out there, but can be ...

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