Tracy Soren is a comedian and writer from Queens, NY. She is 1/2 of soren & jolles with fellow comedian Jessie Jolles. They’ve been called one of NYC's Top 10 Up-And-Coming Comedians, The Next Broad City, and 10 Rising Improv Stars That Deserve Their Own TV Shows. Tracy has been featured on Bravo’s digital series "GuideTo...", hosting for Refinery29's Facebook Live, and the current season of Elite Daily's "Generation whY". UCB trained, she improvises throughout the city with her indie teams Gulf Oil and FIRE FIRE FIRE. Tracy has written for sites like Reductress, Slop Sandwich, and Mashable.
5 Freelance Solutions 9-to-5ers Wish They Could Use freelance, 9to5, nine to five, 9-5, 9-to-5, make a change, freelance make a change, make a change freelance, creative block, your the boss

5 Freelance Solutions 9-to-5ers Wish They Could Use

December 12, 2016 LIFESTYLE

There are perks to a 9-to-5 life that sometimes a freelancer can miss. These include easy access to benefits, a steady paycheck, and leftover bagels in the conference room. But as they say, the grass is always greener, and a 9-to-5er wishes they had a magic wand to whip up our freelance perks, especially when ...

10 Gift Ideas for Your Freelancer This Holiday Season freelance holiday, freelance gifts, freelance ideas, freelance holiday, gifts for freelancers, freelance tools, holiday season, freelance gifts ideas

10 Gift Ideas for Your Freelancer This Holiday Season

December 1, 2016 LIFESTYLE

Ya know what’s not just for Santa? Making a list and checking it twice. Freelancers do that all the time. If you were to look and the naughty and nice lists for freelancers, you’d see the vast majority are on the nice list. So, they deserve a little gift like everyone else, right? Of course! ...

Imagine a Freelance World Without Freelancers freelance holidays, global freelance, imagine a world, freelance world, freelance comedy, freelance funny, rocket, space, red

Imagine a World Without Freelancers

November 29, 2016 LIFESTYLE

The holidays are coming around so ’tis the season to explain your job to your loved ones! Most people understand the traditional workforce but when it comes to freelance, people still see it as some warped form of unemployment. So here’s a fun fact to drop at your Thanksgiving and holiday dinners — freelancers make up 35% ...

4 Motivational Talks Every Freelancer Needs From Time to Time freelance motivation, freelance advice, pep talk, motivational talk

4 Motivational Talks Every Freelancer Needs From Time to Time

November 17, 2016 LIFESTYLE

In the shapeshifting world of freelance, it’s only natural that sometimes the highs feel hot air balloon high and the lows feel super, like super super, like-rock-bottom-see-you-next-month-just-gonna-crawl-under-this-blanket-low. (It wouldn’t be freelance if you didn’t have to talk yourself through it). There are similar scenarios all freelancers face when we need a pick me up. So whenever ...

5 Ways to Push Yourself to Reach Your Freelance Potential freelance motivation, freelance tips, freelance advice, treat yo self, freelance music, freelance potential

Get Motivated! How to Push Yourself to Reach Your Freelance Potential

November 16, 2016 LIFESTYLE

Today, a regular day in mid-November, I walked into the Dollar store to find that they had Christmas decorations on display. These Christmas decorations, mere STEPS from the seasonally appropriate Halloween decor. What this means is that, in the words of George R.R. Martin, WINTER IS COMING and as the cold sets in, many a freelancer will find ...

A Toast to Ideal Freelance Jobs and Clients freelance clients, freelance jobs, freelance work, good jobs

A Toast to Ideal Freelance Jobs and Clients


When talking about freelance, we talk a lot about the freelancer. The challenges we face, the grit we have, the work ethic that allows us to follow in our own paths. But there’s one big part of this equation that we don’t give much credit to: the ideal freelance client. And like a fancy cheese ...

Scrub The ‘Dirty’ Label Off Freelance's Image freelance, gig economy, freelancer, freelance image, freelance perception

Scrub The ‘Dirty’ Label Off Freelance’s Image

October 25, 2016 LIFESTYLE

We all remember that moment. The moment when we decided to become freelancers and the very moment after that, when mass panic ensued. Not only were we anxious about making a change, our loved ones were nervous too. For some, they hold onto the antiquated belief that freelance is a risky, unstable business; an “in-between ...

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