Building his first website in 2002 and ever since absorbed by our digital advancements, Simon (www.smnmmnn.com) uses the momentum of the connected everything and designs and builds digital products for start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. Co-founding the yearlong project fourweeksgood (www.instagram.com/fourweeksgood) in 2017, Simon lives and works in 12 of the world‘s most liveable cities to team up with like-minded businesses.

Tools Every Digital Nomad Needs

August 6, 2018 DIGITAL NOMAD

As an independent worker, you’ll often spend a bigger chunk of your time organizing than you will being productive. Good news: The path to conquer that issue is paved with an ever-increasing number of miraculous digital helpers… But some of these aren’t worth the hassle of implementation. According to Google Ventures‘ John Zeratsky, fancy tools ...

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