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1099 vs. W2: A Breakdown for Freelancers


The end of the year means every company you’ve worked for in the past year will soon to be sending out your tax forms as April 15 begins to loom closer. If you’re a freelancer, chances are you’re going to get a lot of different returns from a lot of different clients. The two primary ...

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20+ Freelance Design Goldmines for Finding Jobs and Community

Design is one of those marvelous fields that only got better with the advent of the Internet. After decades sketching out marvelous renderings for everything from posters to brochures to newspaper advertisements, the field broadened by an unmeasurable amount with the ability to design graphics for websites, online advertisements, blogs, mobile apps, and more.  While ...

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Make the Freelance Work from Home Dream Your Reality

December 13, 2016 LIFESTYLE

When you’ve put in a few years working in the rat race, the lure of working at home can be the very definition of temptation: No more boss breathing down your neck, no more rush-hour traffic jams, no more wearing a tie for literally not reason at all. But making the transition from corporate life ...

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The Top 10 Ways to Find Freelance Work


If there’s one sticking point in the joyful process of freelancing, it’s in the looking. Being able to work for a myriad of different clients, gaining exposure to different aspects of your chosen industry, and doing so from the comfort of your own home office, nearby coffee shop, or design studio, is a freeing experience ...

Freelance Rates: What You Need to Know


I was about 18 months into my career as a full-time freelancer when I took the plunge and raised my hourly rate a full 20 percent. I had twice the motivation do to so – first I was coming off a long summer where my daytime  work hours were reduced by the rest of the ...

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