Jodi Price

Jodi Price, Chief Operator at AND.CO is a technology evangelist and SaaS specialist who is passionate about the success of freelancers and small businesses around the globe.

AND.CO vs. PayPal: Why AND.CO Wins

For freelancers, managing your invoicing and payment is one of the biggest headaches. Since you work with multiple clients, it’s challenging to have everything in one place and keep track of things like processed payments, pending payments, and projects you haven’t invoiced. That’s where payment and invoicing platforms like PayPal enter the picture. With almost 300 ...

Doing Taxes Yourself? Choose these Top 5 Tax Platforms

March 11, 2020 TAX HACKS

There’s a variety of ways to do taxes on your own, especially online. With how fast and convenient online tax platforms are, there isn’t a better option nowadays unless you complete them by mail or in person. However, doing them by mail creates opportunities for making mistakes, whereas hiring someone to do your taxes for ...

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