James Bennett II is a personal brand manager who likes great stories and finding unconventional solutions to people’s problems. He’s a bit of a strange guy who, among other things, thinks funfetti cake is the best cake, wishes he were on a boat right now, and can't wait to watch the next compelling episode of the hit TV drama "Friends", now on Netflix.
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9 to 5 Life is Going Extinct Just Like…

November 29, 2016 LIFESTYLE

The 9-to-5 is on its way out, if any of a number of articles are to be believed. And that’s not exactly a bad thing. It doesn’t work well for some individuals and makes little sense for many professions.With more job setups out there, freelancers and remote workers can see gains in schedule flexibility. However, ...

5 Fictional Characters That Would Be Awesome Freelancers freelance book, freelance, freelancer, freelance fiction, chief operator, and co chief operator, freelance app, time tracking, a

5 Fictional Characters That Would Be Awesome Freelancers

November 10, 2016 LIFESTYLE

When you have an AND CO Chief Operator that takes care of some of the mind-numbing minutiae that comes with being a freelancer, you’re able to devote more time to the work you love. Kick your game up to the next level by emulating these awesome fictional characters, who would also happen to be some ...

America Has Voted: They Want to Freelance freelance in america, american freelancer, america votes, freelance in america, american freelance, freelance america

America Votes: They Want to Freelance


Happy almost-election day, you a grand ol’ freelancer. And according to the Freelancer’s Union’s annual Freelancing in America survey, there are 55 million of you. That’s a whole lot of independent bosses with their own opinions and agendas. But even though the nature of freelance work varies among individuals, there are commonalities that bind them. ...

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6 Superheroes That’d Be Great Freelancers

November 4, 2016 LIFESTYLE

Identifying good role models isn’t just an exercise for children. A working adult can also benefit from having someone they look up to, as well. You probably already have a few individuals who you admire in your industry past and present, but what about people whose work habits you want to emulate? It’s not as ...

What Free Work Can Buy a Freelancer free work, freelancer, freelance work, freelance jobs, freelance isn t free, free work, freelance exposure, gig economy, gig economy exposure

What Free Work Can Buy a Freelancer

October 31, 2016 LIFESTYLE

A few weeks ago, we explored ways for freelancers to brace for those inevitable cold periods. When financial winter strikes, you might find yourself itching to keep busy, reaching out to any and every potential client. And then one day you get a call, and are offered a gig! But when you start to discuss ...

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