Georgia is a writer and actress based in Los Angeles. She originally hails from England, where she gained a degree in Theatre and an accent. Georgia has been known to write sketch comedy, online blogs, animated shorts and sarcasm. She is currently writing and performing in the Sunday Company at the Groundlings, and can weld if need be.
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Turn Your Freelance Passion Projects Into a Regular Career

December 21, 2016 LIFESTYLE

Do you dream of the day when your passion projects are finally your freelance career? Are you unsure on how to grow your passion project(s)–be it writing, design, or whatever gets your creative energy flowing–into a fully-fledged freelance business? Sure you do! And you’re not alone. The desire to turn your a passionate freelance gig into a series of jobs ...

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Pros and Cons of These Remote Work Setups for Freelancers

December 11, 2016 LIFESTYLE

As a freelancer, you’re free to roam, free to set your own schedule, and free to work wherever you want. That means freelancers have the option to work remote. From your bedroom to a beautiful national park, your remote office can be anywhere you can get work done. The world is your oyster! But with ...

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