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Last week, AND CO brought you Welcome to Your Independence, compiling our insights and learnings gleaned from thousands of freelancers. In its 70+ pages of insights, freelancers of all levels learn how to succeed in all areas of freelance, including paperwork, landing clients, and being productive. If you’re looking for additional information on how to ...

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Welcome to Your Independence: The Go-To Book for Freelancers

This week, AND CO launched our comprehensive guide to freelance success, Welcome to Your Independence.  The modern freelance landscape rapidly changes. Freelancers have a nearly endless amount of routes to choose from. Some lead to glory while others might send you reluctantly fleeing for office life once again. Quality information is out there, but can be ...

AND CO is Proud to Support CreativeMornings San Francisco creative mornings, creativemornings, creativemornings san francisco, creative mornings san francsico, freelance support

AND CO is Proud to Support Creative Mornings San Francisco

September 21, 2016 ANNOUNCEMENTS

Support. It’s essential for us all. From the solitary to the most connected of humans, support keeps us moving and motivated through the ups and downs of life and business. For creatives across the world, and especially freelancers, support can often be hard to find. It’s important to have a collective of intelligent thinkers around ...

Budgeting Your Finances As A Freelancer financial trouble for freelancers, budgeting for freelancer, finance for freelancers, freelance budget

Budgeting Your Finances As A Freelancer


New freelancers and business owners have a long row to hoe. The learning curve can be shockingly steep in the beginning. Getting control of the finances is a big step in creating long-term success, but if you go about it the way you did as an employee you’ll run into problems. Freelancers are very prone ...

Freelancers, Make America's Beaches Your Office This Summer freelance beaches, beaches with wifi, wifi in beaches, wifi areas, freelance vacation, freelance holiday, freelance internet, freelance technology

Freelancers, Make America’s Beaches Your Office This Summer

June 7, 2016 LIFESTYLE

There’s no place like home, except when it’s summer. Your home, especially if it’s also your office, is somewhere you probably want to get away from for a few days during the warm months. With the sun shining and temperatures rising, freelancers are looking to get some sun while their work gets done. Today, it’s ...

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