New feature: Pay Me Pages, an Easier Way to Get Paid1 min read

May 31, 2016


New feature: Pay Me Pages, an Easier Way to Get Paid1 min read

For freelancers, getting paid and getting paid quickly, or at least in time, is maybe the biggest problem most independent workers have. Tests have shown that giving clients a direct way to pay the invoice accelerates the time to payment. Which is a complicated way of saying that this might help freelancers get paid quicker.

One page for all your payments
AND CO now lets you accept payments from your clients through your personal Pay Me Page. One single page that let’s all your clients send you money via Credit Cards, ACH transfers or PayPal. Just connect your Stripe account (or set one up in 5 minutes) and boom, you’re good to go.

Integrates with your invoices
Your Pay Me Page integrates directly with AND CO’s invoicing. We show a payment button embedded into the PDF of the invoice that your client simply clicks to get to your Pay Me Page, select the preferred way of payment and done.

No additional fees
We don’t charge any additional fees for accepting payments via AND CO. You will only pay the standard fees from your payment processors Stripe and PayPal. Just click the links (Stripe, PayPal) to see their pricing pages for more details.

bot thread
Quick & easy setup
If you are an AND CO member, you should have already received a new task on your Desk to setup your Pay Me Page. The AND CO bot will happily guide your through the setup. Just pick your page’s URL, connect your Stripe account and if you like, enter your PayPal email.

That’s it.
Happy getting paid faster!



Leif Abraham is co-founder and CEO of AND CO.

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