Expense-Tracking You Wanna Make Babies With: AND CO’s Latest Update2 min read

March 2, 2017


Expense-Tracking You Wanna Make Babies With: AND CO’s Latest Update2 min read

Is this a stupid cover image? Of course. It’s completely ridiculous.

You know what’s not stupid? AND CO‘s new and improved expense tracking!

Big news: We’ve put our heads together to completely reimagine expense tracking on the web app. Our mission: Make it super easy to track and manage expenses that don’t come from your bank account—because if you use the app, you know that the ones that do come from a synced account port into our system automatically. Like magic.

When redesigning expense-tracking, we kept two things in mind. One, everyone HATES tracking expenses. That’s just a fact. Two, given that expense-tracking is painful, for lack of a better word, we wanted to help you get it over with as quickly as possible.

When you track expenses via AND CO mobile, you’re probably just filing one-off expenses as they happen. For example, you’ve just been handed a taxi receipt or begrudgingly bought your client a $9 latte.

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The use case on the Web App is a bit different. Chances are, if you’re expense-tracking there, you’re likely sitting next to a mountain of receipts, or wading through email receipts in a designed Gmail folder titled “HANDLE THIS.” Not even Spotify’s “Have a Great Day!” playlist can save you now.

For inputing multiple expenses during a single session, we designed the new expense and incoming filing screen in a way that lets you file these bastards solely using your keyboard. This way you can file one expense or income after another, like zip zap zip zap zap.

With this update, you should be able to file your expenses as quickly as you’re able to jot down a bulleted list of random notes. Don’t believe me? Peep this mega-awesome GIF we made.

Expense Tracking

In fact, the only time you’ll need to interrupt yourself from epic expense domination would be when selecting additional options, like making the expense billable to a project or attaching a receipt.

Just go and try it today. You will actually love it. I promise.


Leif Abraham is co-founder and CEO of AND CO.

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